Pop rocks urban legend

pop rocks urban legend

Pop Rocks and Coke is an urban legend about a kid who mixed candy and soda and exploded. Pop Rocks is a flavored candy candy that snaps and crackles in. Wacky and wonderful site for Pop Rocks candy. Learn about the urban legend, play games and order on-line. Supposedly, Mikey's stomach exploded from the combination of Pop Rocks and soda mix and he died. Is it.

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Why not be the first to leave a comment for discussion, ask for advice or share your story Retrieved from " https: Carbon dioxide gives them their power Pop Rocks are basically just sugar gasified with carbon dioxide. No, he does not get a free lifetime supply. OH NO, MY STOMACH JUST EXPLODED…. It didn't work out, probably because this giant floating "Cosmic Cherry" inspired many night terrors. Most Popular New York Chicago Los Angeles San Francisco.


Death by Pop Rocks?

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Soda and Pop Rocks. July 11, at 3: More From Things You Didn't Know About. July 10, at 6: The Soda and Pop Rocks Urban Legend Many a youngster has enjoyed a packet of the popular Pop Rocks candy. Few Baby Boomers can forget those ubiquitous TV commercials of the early '70s and the immortal catchphrase, " Mikey likes it "? Atlanta, Georgia and by Zeta Espacial S. Rudolph points out that the Turkish company HLEKS Popping Candy flooded the market with popping candy in the yearand have since become the alan norris darts market leader, with more advanced and own patents making a lot of innovative products with popping candy. The Big Book of Urban Legends. It differs from typical hard candy in that it creates a fizzy reaction when it dissolves in one's mouth. They were accidentally invented by a chemist Pop Rocks are the brainchild of William Will hilll. Margaritas with Pop Rocks rims were all but inevitable. Grab a handful of Blue Razz -- or, if you're a seasonal hoarder, Pumpkin Patch Orange -- and learn some science. It might make you burp, at worst.